The ICEman Cometh


I present you with two stories. One of them happened during the 21st century, under the policies of the United States Government…

  1. “Officials told her to put her son into the back of a government vehicle. Her hands shook. The officials wouldn’t tell her where they were taking him, only that she would not be allowed to go with him. As the car pulled away, she could see her baby looking back at her through the window, screaming”.
  2. “They say, ‘We’re just going to take your kids to have a bath, but then they don’t bring them back.”

I’m assuming most people reading this are currently thinking that the first option, is an account, referencing the plight of children seeking asylum on the southern border of the United States. Most people would be wrong.

Well, mostly wrong. Yes, the first story did occur in America and was a first hand account of ICE removing an immigrant child from his mother, but I lied, because…

BOTH of these stories happened during the month of June, in the year 2018, by orders of the Trump Administration.

Funny, right? Because you thought number two was Nazi Germany, but it’s really ALSO a documented account of what is occurring on our border.

That’s sick. It’s not funny at all. What the fuck is wrong with us? This is terrifying and gut wrenching.

The mastermind behind the policy of ripping children from the arms of their parents and interning them in tent cities, is Trump aide Stephen Miller. Seen here is this ACTUAL photo of him…


Just kidding. The real Stephen Miller is considerably more terrifying looking…


You absolutely know that this man has “666” tattooed somewhere on his scalp. Look at him! He could be straight out of central casting for, “Younger adult, Satan”.

If you’re thinking that this policy sounds like something a nationalistic, sociopath would create, you’d be correct. That’s exactly what Stephen Miller is. In addition to this, he was also voted, “Most Likely to be Cloven Hoofed” by his classmates and only has a one star rating on Uber Pool. It is 100% true that he is the illegitimate child of Cruella De Vil and Hannibal Lecter.

Also, if he doesn’t sound like a nationalistic, sociopath to you, I would suggest you do a bit of soul searching.

Miller has stated that the purpose of tearing apart families is two-fold. The first reason being, to enforce a zero tolerance policy on immigration, ensuring that anyone who chooses to come to the United States does so via the appropriate channels. The second, is to force congress’s hand to fund Trump’s border wall. However, FUCK THAT, because this is a steaming pile of bullshit.

The majority of these families are asylum seekers. They travel here without papers, surrender themselves to border patrol agents and present evidence that they would be the victims of persecution based on their race, nationality, religion, political views, or membership in a targeted social group if returned to their home country. ICE then wrenches their children from their arms and carts them away. The parents are given neither information on the whereabouts of the children, nor updates regarding the status of their sons and daughters.

You get a fucking ticket when you check your coat at a restaurant. Apparently this administration values outer garments more than human life.

Even if these families are crossing the border illegally, that is a federal misdemeanor, and the children are not culpable. For reference, hunting, fishing, trapping and disturbance or injury on wildlife refuges, has the same level of illegality attached to it, but those convicted don’t even lose their guns, let alone their children. These are innocent people who are coming here to seek shelter, safety and opportunity. Their motives are not nefarious. The United States is inflicting a punishment on innocent people, that would make Nurse Ratched think, “Whoa, dude. That’s harsh”.

This is persecution, not prosecution, and we’re inflicting it on the most vulnerable of demographics. If you can justify this. If you can even hear about this without losing your breath. If you can remain quiet in the face of such sheer malice towards your fellow human beings… Fuck you, and the cloven hoofed, malevolent Stephen Miller.


This is painted on the wall of an abandoned Walmart, where some of the 11,000 children ICE has torn from their parents are being kept. It is a bone chilling sight, and if you don’t grasp why that is open a history book and turn to the chapters discussing Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

We don’t know much about the conditions within these CONCENTRATION CAMPS, because reporters are not allowed access. United States Senators have also been turned away. We do know that private prison companies are being tasked with detaining these children. They’re profiting off of this atrocity. And in a shocking turn of events, their lobby backed Trump.


When they’re not being shelved in abandon Walmarts, like little sentient dry goods, ICE is placing them in tent cities. Or, you know… cages.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.33.32 PM


Staff members are prohibited from physically comforting distressed children and resources are limited. The long term impact of this level of trauma is devastating and effects the very structure of the developing brain. If these young people are lucky enough to be reunited with their parents, they will most likely deal with lifelong mental illness, substance abuse, cardiovascular disease and possibly premature death.

This is not a botched attempt at handling a crisis for which we weren’t prepared. There has been no deluge or vast increase in the number of people seeking shelter within our borders. The issue of immigrant families and those seeking asylum has been handled by every administration during the modern era. None of which, have perpetrated such nauseating injustices.

This is malicious and purposeful.  Or as moral people would call it, evil.

This epic barbarity is occurring under the purview of ICE and the Department of Justice, which allows us to assign a substantial amount of the blame to Jefferson Sessions. Our current Attorney General and history’s most vile elfin creature, seen below in his official portrait…

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.21.56 PM

I always knew the “Elf on the Shelf” was just biding his time, until he could unleash unadulterated horror on the world.

Both Sessions and the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (the world’s angriest Cabbage Patch doll, sporting a fabulous smokey eye), have quoted the Bible to justify this policy. Citing a religious mandate to follow the law…

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for His purposes.”

Proving correct the sentiment, “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and waving a cross”. In an attempt to placate his base by building a useless and expensive border wall, Trump and his administration have taken innocent children hostage. And his supporters are allowing him to do this, justifying it even, because of racism. This entire tyrannical, clusterfuck of evil, has its roots in xenophobia and fear. The same dehumanization of a particular culture or ethnic group, that has led to all of history’s greatest atrocities.

However, Trump seems to have forgotten that the United States does not negotiate with terrorists. Even if those terrorists are living in the White House. And I would argue that locking children in cages, in an attempt to have your political demands met is the very definition of terrorism.

There are no policy nuances here. Nothing about this is “grey” or debatable. This isn’t politics. The only sides here are, “Right” and “Wrong”. If you do not draw the line at the government informing parents they’re children are being taken to receive a bath, and then not returning them, you are NOT too far off from crematoriums and gas chambers. That isn’t hyperbole or drama. That is history.

We know how this story ends, if good people do not stand up to this growing malignancy. We’ve faced it before…




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  1. The situation we are in now is so heartbreaking and unacceptable. What happened to “making America great again”!? Something has to change.

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